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Lightening 4kq flywheel

Does anyone know how this is done.  I just had my machined but on the
project car I think I will have it lightened a bit.  THat will actually be
a 5ktq flywheel though.  I know that is usually consists of drilling holes
and then lightening.  Are holes drilled through the outher edge that is
stepped up?  Are they drilled Longitudinal or Transverse in comparison to
the way the tranny is mounted, I would guess Longitudinal,  ie...drilled
as if flywheel was laying down flat and you drille holes in the edge.  Is
Cross drilling most common.  I know this is what Sprongles S2 unit is.
More material removed.  
	Max at AVS sells a unit that is about 5 lbs lighter.  WHat is
stock, 27 lbs rings a bell.  5ktq is what, 22 lbs.  200q is 17 lbs I
think?  NOt sure though.  Someone just lightened flywheel on their
Ersatz S2.  Why did you use S4 unit and not 91 3B unit to do this.  How
much did you remove.
	Lastly, any BTDT on driveability with lightened unit.  Torque off
the line is reduced but once moving, any dissadvantages or only off the
line.  I am thinking a few lbs to 5 lbs would be a nice upgrade, still
good around town but much more responsive motor, If that is possable with
CIS. :)

	Todd Phenneger
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