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Re: Public Thanks (Brake Rebuild 101)

Phil Rose wrote:
> This becomes one of the "keepers" in my personal archive. Igor/Osman, will
> you let us know when it comes out on videotape, or do we just keep checking
> at Blockbuster Video?

Speaking of which:
I tried to install a "Supra Video Caption board" and the camera in my
computer (PCI slot, supposedly P-N-P installation). The idea was instead
of photographing the car, waiting for the photo developers to process
the film and scanning them at my friend's house coz I [still] don't have
a scanner to just shoot it with my 8mm Sony palmcorder and digitise only
those frames that turned out to be good. 
Right now I have 4 stacks of 4"x6" prints, at least 50% of which are
utter garbage. Like my Lambda gauge swinging its tri-colour LEDs at
night - the shutter speed was too slow and the image is smeared (yes, I
know, I need a tripod and a release cable). Damn!

So, could any of our resident computer gurus tell me off-line why had
the Supra board
a) made the machine hang on the boot-up?
b) uninstalled my CD-ROM drive?

Thanks in advance.
Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros