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Buy A Used Car From Mechanically Igonorant Mechanic?

I winced after rereading part of the message I posted earlier about 
the '87 5ktq I was selling (having just purchased an S4).  I wrote, in 
part: "Fuel pump replaced, various other work done by me in past. 
 Within the last year, new timing belt, master brake cylinder, heater 
programmer, air intake boot."  Just so there are no prospective 
purchasers fleeing at the thought that I might have replaced the fuel 
pump myself, or personally handled any of the other repairs mentioned 
(after referring to myself as "mechanically ignorant" earlier in the 
same message), let me assure you that the repairs were done by 
Holbert's Audi.  I had my usual supporting role - writing checks. 
 Sorry for any confusion, or evasive maneuvers by q-listers spotting 
cars fitting my car's description in Pennsylvania.