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warm start (or lack there of)

Hello listers,
I am sure that this is an old thread and I apologize, but I'm having trouble
searching the archives while at work (firewall problems).

I have an 89 200tq that last week decided to quit starting when warm.  
Some of the symptoms include:
  -when cold, It starts just fine
  -It runs just fine (warm or cold) 
  -while warm, if I shut it off and restart immediately, it will start
  -while warm, if I leave it for more than 15 minutes it will not restart.
  -if I let the motor cool enough that the cold-start valve kicks in, it
will sputter and try to run for a few seconds but can't get enough gas to
keep running.  
  -pumping and ramming the gas pedal through the floor does not change the
outcome of the previous scenario. 
  -after applying some throttle or pumping the gas pedal, the spark plugs
are still dry as a bone.

I don't have any manuals right now, since we just bought a duplex and all
books and extras are still boxed, so any ideas or suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.

Please respond to blockp@execpc.com as I am not currently subscribed to the
Thanks in advance for your help.