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Re: GT engine removal

Ken Keith wrote:

> "Gary G. Erickson" <erickson@teleport.com> wrote:
> >
> > Dwight Varnes wrote:
> >
> > > Now, I've been told it is possible to remove the engine from a Coupe GT
> > > through the top, but that it's difficult due to the tight clearances.
> >
> > When I was pulling the engine out of my GT in preparation for the turbo
> > transplant, I removed the tranny in the traditional style (from the
> > bottom) and then took the whole engine out the top, intact.
> Wouldn't it have been easier to drop the subframe and take the
> engine/tranny out the bottom as a unit?  I mean, you have to undo the darn
> steering rack bracket to get the tranny out, no?
> Ken

Removing engine/trans combo this way is handy because you can do it usin floor
jack only. It can be done without use of "cherry picker"( crane). However  the
front must be raised very high so that the engine ballanced by hand on floor
jack can be pulled out from under the car. It is however much more difficult to
install engines this way.

Mike Z