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RE: Public Thanks (Brake Rebuild 101)

> > I wonder, quite seriously, if there's any point at all in owning
> > 12-point sockets these days.  They were useful with old-style rachets
> > with 24 teeth but modern stuff is 72-tooth, usually engaging four teeth
> > at once.  My rachet now has better positioning resolution than a
> > 12-point.
> You're absolutely right - there's no point whatsoever in buying
> 12-pointers. The trouble is, I bought them years ago, when I could not
> yet afford Snap-On, and Craftsman did not make 6-pointers in
> half-inch-drive. Now I am stuck with them.
... seems to me I recall needing one at one point in my Audi service
adventures ... but for the life of me I can't remember where ... 12mm exh
manifold nuts?  ... something on a turbo?

There is one advantage to 12 points, given that both the nut and socket are
12 point ... and that is that you can apply more torque to the fastener than
you could for a 6-point fastener of the same size ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)