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Re: an idea for a piece of art

Well, you'd need to go as far as the entire hatch, wouldn't you?

At 07:01 PM 11/9/1998 ,  Ken Keith was inspired to say:
>  I have an idea.
>  I'm considering cutting the entire *ss-end of the Coupe GT off, and make a 
>  piece of art out of it.
>  When I get my house, I'll put it up in the garage, or the living room.  
>  It would be mounted on the wall, trunk lid, taillights, bumper, and all, 
>  like at those cool retro-burger joints, like Hudson's Grill (if you've 
>  ever seen something like that).
>  I would hook up the taillights to come on and stuff.  It would be like one 
>  of those beer lights, only much larger, and an expression of my Audi 
>  hobby.
>  I don't know how heavy it will be, and I may have to weld some kind of 
>  frame together to make it sturdy enough.  To really cross the line, and 
>  ruin a perfectly good bumper, I would probably cut the front section of 
>  the bumper flat, flush with the wall.
>  I think it would be cool.
>  Or, I would make the trunk be a storage bin or something.
>  It's an idea.

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