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Midas Touch (was:Follow up on my 4kq search. (painfully long))

Matt Daniels wrote:
> The tailpipe muffler needed to be replaced,
> but I figured that I could get it cheaper than the $280 that I was >quoted.


I think you made the wise choice. Although those Midas-type places
"seem" to make logical sense at the time of purchase, you *will* pay the
price if you intend to keep the car. 

As Igor will attest, the work that Midas did to my 89 200q was very
frightening. Before I get flames about taking the car into Midas in the
first place, it was done by the previous owner (but I can't bitch about
that either 'cause he is my father). 

SO.. what did they do that was so bad?

1. Take New Rear Rotors purchased from Carlsen, and keep them. Then take
old rotors (maybe turn them) and put them back on the car. 

2. They did NOT replace the rubber boots for the carrier yokes/guides.
Hence, the caliper froze up on me. 

3. THey did *not* Flush the fluid.

4. They *did* use Cheap pads in the front.

5. They did *not* tell the p.o. that they were going to tape up the wear
sensors aside because the cheap pads didn't have sensors in them.

6. They did not replace the rubber boots for the yokes/guides in the
front either. 


Before I get comments that tell me to sue them, or pursue a mutual
agreement to settle let me respond. I have in the past pursued a chain
store for performing substandard work. I spent alot of time on the
telephone and writing letters back and forth to Sears. Since the
mechanic covered up his gross mistake of stripping my hub (with an air
gun), and I didn't realize what had happened until some time had passed,
I had no way of "proving" sears did it. At one point, I even wasted a
driving trip to the local sears to have them look at it what they had
done only to be told by the manager that since I had no documentation,
He wouldn't see. 

Since I have very little documentation to their work, and don't feel
like going through trying to get Midas to account for their 2 year old
butchery, I'm going to let it be. It isn't worth my time. I just hope
that by writing all of this some of you will think twice before letting
pure prices guide your reasoning. 

Go where work performed is good and you feel treated right as a
customer. If you do end up at one of those chain stores, please check
their work and save yourself some grief in the long term.  

P.S. Sometimes you may be find both customer service and terrific
prices. I got my A.T.E. German Made Power Disks for $40 less (each) than
the next nearest competitor, and had great knowledgeable service. I
called six vendors, including TPC, GPR, and Linda. TPC was the next
closest (and has great quality of service).
I ended up buying from VW Parts Inc (not the dealer), a shop in NY that
specializes in Audi/VW parts. They were recommended to me by two
different shops I use, and their recommendation was verified. P.S. Don't
let the name fool you, the place is all about Audi Parts. I would send
this in to the vendor list, but I'm not sure when Dan will have time to
so the contact name there is "Eric" and the Phone Number is

No affiliation, and usual disclaimers. YMMV.

-Osman Parvez
89 200q
Albany, NY