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Re: Follow up on my 4kq search.

Geez, I show my ignorance so very seldom.... <g>

Never been under a 4k actually.  Regardless, the muffler/piping is
different on fwd/q cars because they're different underneath _somehow_.  My
fault for assuming about the underside when I didn't know.

At 09:25 PM 11/9/1998 ,  Steve Bigelow was inspired to say:
>  Richard Beels writes
>  >There's extra bits on the q (like rear 1/2 shafts and a diff) that make
>  >more bends necc. in the pipes.  A fwd car has nothing in between the
>  wheels
>  >- - no rear axle - so the pipe can go straight back...
>  Um...no. 
>  Perhaps you haven't been under one in a while. There is an axle beam, and a
>  diagonal arm. Bentley page 42.3 describes how to remove the rear
>  axle......on a FWD. My rear muffler indeed has an "over the axle" bend in
>  it.

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