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Re:Turbo MC in 80q

Hi Dave, good story about you squeezing an MC into an 80Q. I'm about to
give my 4000q rally car the MC enema. I can't wait for the extra power.
I bought my 86 5000t for $300.00. Of course, i'll have to rebuild the
motor because of it's destiny as a race car motor. I found my 5000 and a
transmission shop. It was left there by it's previous owner. The guy at
the shop had it impounded and then got me a clean title for it. It took
8 months but was worth the wait. It is even a 5 speed so the flywheel
and all of the other goodies are there. It's almost pulg and play!!
We'll run it on racing fuel so the boost will be a little higher.
Banzai!! I'll let the list know of my progress as we go along..thanks
for sharing your story
Mike Burke
Irish Volunteer Motorsports
Columbus, Ohio "Home of the Rallying Irish"
86 4000Q rally car
86 4000s for sale car
86 4000Q street urchin and work car
93 Chebby van (rally tow/kid hauler)