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RE: Lightening 4kq flywheel

On Mon, 9 Nov 1998, Mark Nelson wrote:

> None that I know of...I believe the HAL sensors are in the same locations on
> the '91 200's 016 as with every other 016 (i.e. 5ktq and 4kq), which might
> be the only discrepancy, but from the diagrams in the Bentley manual,
> everything looks the same.

	Hmm. I am pretty sure the pins for the Hall Sensor are different
location between the 5ktq and 200 flywheels.  I know the 200 has a ligher
flywheel.  OR so I've read and been told by people who have used both.
BTW, the 4kq has a VERY differenc flywheel from the 5ktq unit.

> A real torquey motor might not suffer as much from such a light flywheel.

	True.  YOu evidently haven driven the CQ with the light flywheel
but people alwasy say lightening makes you lose torque.  does this really
happen or only initial torque when you let out clutch.  I would think that
once clutch is fully engaged and you are going, flooring it, you would
have same torque as with heavier unit.

> Yes, I have the stock CQ 7A motor and am switching over to an 016 trans from
> a 4kq.  After analyzing the two trannies and the 4kq and CQ flywheels, I'm
> using the 01A flywheel and changing the TO bearing configuration to accept
> the 01A flywheel (cuz I've already had the machine work done).  It looks
> like the HAL sensors are in the same locations, so I should be OK.

	WHy did you do this?  Besides being machined, was the CQ a ligher
unit to start with, better design, etc?