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Re: Help., Howling 5KTQ


    Is the noise load sensitive? At a given speed, is it louder under
acceleration, deceleration, or float (just enough throttle to keep the car
at a constant speed)? Most differential noises are load sensitive. Try
disengaging the clutch when the car is making noise ( release the
accelerator as well, of course!) to see if the noise changes.
    Most tire noise problems are speed sensitive but not load sensitive. If
your noise comes and goes at the same speed, it could be driveline related.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  262k km
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Date: Monday, November 09, 1998 3:42 PM
Subject: Help., Howling 5KTQ

>I have an 86 5KTQ that has started howling.  Kinda like a 60+ MPH wind
>through an open sunroof.  During routine maintenance, mechanic thought
>front diff.  But as fluids are good and recent, I'm Not so sure.  The
>noise is road speed sensitive gaining crescendo from slow to fast, but
>can go from volume to none and back again at same speed.  It is not
>direction specific like a wheel bearing, and center carrier bearing
>seems fine.  First heard it months ago as momentary noises, but has
>become almost constant.
>Any ideas or BTDT'd helpful.
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