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Re: V8 5spd FS

Sherry & Chuck Clark wrote:
> Date:          Wed, 4 Nov 98 06:32:41 UT
> From:          "PAT MARTIN" <MARDKINS@classic.msn.com>
> To:            ScottyCBoy@aol.com, cobram@juno.com
> Cc:            Quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject:       RE: V8 5spd FS
> Pat Martin wrote:
> Drive a v-8 5-speed and tell me that you would prefer a chipped 5kt to it.
> Doubt it.  The v-8 is more than just the motor.
>   I would prefer a chipped 5ktq to it! The only reason being our elevation
> here in Colorado. My car will run away from a V8 5spd at 6000+ feet. This
> is by no means to shun the V8 5 spd. In fact, I came this close . . to buying
> the one in the Denver paper two weeks ago. I've driven three of these
> cars before and must admit that they feel quite different from a 5k or even
> 200 for that matter. Plus the look of the bulged quarters and front clip
> really gets me. Very smooth powerband through all five gears. 1st gear
> hits redline so fast it's amazing. But like I said, nothing beats a turbo motor
> to make up for the gasping that N/A motors must endure at elevation.
> I still hope to own one someday along with the turbo q.
> Chad Clark '87 5k Tq-
> Colorado Springs, CO


We use to live in CO.  Somewhere is C. Springs is a 84 Red 4000SQ, my
first Q-ship.  Sold it to go to college in 87.  Bought a 86 5KCSQ in 92
(with 36K on it at the time) what a difference a turbo makes at
altitude!  Wife still drives the car here in Boston.  I drive a V8
5-speed.  Wouldn't trade it for any other US Audi!  You do know that
Nothelle makes a conversion kit for the V8 - twin turbos!  Bet your 5K
wouldn't walk away from that V8.  Just a thought.