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Re: All-Road A Go For Y2K

c a l i b a n wrote:
>         *gasp* the allroad.  what a dream car!  gazing at this
>         on their website was what started me obsessing over
>         quattros months ago, when i was looking for a ski car.
>         i even called the dealer to ask about them.  the response
>         was extremely rude, rude treatment and a denial that the
>         car even exists.  "i'm looking at it on the web right now".
>         "where?" he asked.  "on audi's website..." hahaha.
>         anyway, when will these come to america?  ever?  what are
>         they expected to fetch, around $45k?

I'll believe it coming to the States when I see it.  Of course, I felt
that way about the TT since seeing the show car and look how that turned

I'm sorry you had such a disappointing encounter with Audi "retail".  I
read with some amazement the stories of rude behavior by dealers and
their sales staff that float up and down the list.  I bought my first
Audi (a 1st year 5000T) sixteen years ago and at one level or another
had an ongoing relationship with my local dealer ever since.  Except for
the expected frustrations over parts prices and veins of unrealiable
systems from time to time, I have never felt put off, disrespected or
otherwise from Audi.  Guess some of us have all the luck!

I even steered my 85 year-old mother to Audis, first buying my 5000T
from me and then a new (in 93) 90S.  She absolutely loves the care and
attention the service and sales staff has always given her.

But I digress.

IF the Allrad (All Road) does get here (and once I have the dough) I
will have to give it SERIOUS consideration.  It does seem like a dream
(soon to) come-true.

It snowed a few inches in Denver today.  Time to go give the new Yokos a


1989 200Q, 66k miles and new Guardex 600s