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Re: Christian's back: the honeymoon report (some Audi

In message <36479E36.5B61E10F@worldnet.att.net> ikessel@worldnet.att.net writes:

> On the contrast, the planes of the Russian Aeroflot are usually spotless
> clean and in my opinion might overshadow even the British Airways.

Who actually clean them, when they're in Heathrow.  We've had a "fly on
the wall" mini-series in the UK following the daily life of an
outrageously gay Aeroflot station manager at Heathrow.  Some of the
things airline passengers get up to boggle the mind.

Aeroflot has certainly changed since I tricked them into accepting East
German marks ($) for a ticket they'd originally priced in West German
marks ($$$).  22 hours in the air between Moscow and Dacca, with four
refueling stops.

> I've never yet flown Swissair, tho...

Once only, desperate to get back from Kuwait.  Switched through Zurich
in fog so thick I wouldn't drive in it.  First experience of a moving
map display.

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