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Re: Torque steer and low boost

In message <19981110130010.A24919@ms.unimelb.edu.au> Tony Guttmann writes:
> When I bought it from a dealer recently, it suffered from
> horrible torque steer. Taking off from the lights had to be done
> gently or I'd leap into the lane on my left!

Suspension bushes.  Perhaps track rod ends as well.

> It's second problem is low boost. Can't get above 1.3 or rarely
> 1.4 on the dash guage.
> (i.e 0.3 or 0.4 atmospheres of boost).
> My mechanic says that I'm getting basic
> boost, but that the boost control valve is getting no signal
> from the computer, so I'm not getting additional boost.
> Any suggestions other than a new computer?

WOT switch.  Otherwise known as throttle body switch.  Black switch
with three pins mounted opposite the throttle quadrant.  Dead.  Bound
to be, in a car that age.

Check out that the computer can actually talk to the valve using
Scott Mockry's excellent instructions on the built-in diagnosis at
http://www.teleport.com/~scottmo/ecuf.html - you can feel the valve
trembling if you hold it between finger and thumb.

The centre contact on the switch is common - the top contact is 'idle'
and the bottom one is 'wide open throttle'.  Do NOT accept simple
continuity on the WOT switch - the circuit seems to need a total
resistance below 4 ohms.

If the WOT switch _is_ defective, go to a Bosch dealer rather than an
Audi dealer.

 Phil Payne
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