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Re: '87 MC 2111 fault

In message <19981109204023.4889.qmail@hotmail.com> "Matt Martinsen" writes:

> When I first aquired the car in June, I pulled the codes and everything
> was fine.  A few months later (after I pulled the head) I pulled the
> codes again and got 2111 (RPM sensor).  I have not been anywhere near
> the flywheel or disconneted or otherwise molested anything associated
> with this sensor.  I figured it was a fluke as the car ran the same as
> when I got it, there was and is no change that I can tell but I still
> get the code.  My understanding was that the car won't start if the RPM
> sensor is really defective (I know the 3B won't), if not then what are
> the symptoms?  BTW there are no other codes, yes I am following proper
> procedure for pulling the codes (i.e. car left running, been run at
> boost, been >3000 rpm, etc.)  I recall something on the 20v list a while
> back discussing the same situation but don't recall what the group
> consensus was.  Curious, does the output from this sensor go the the
> tach too? (works fine)

Not the same issue as the 20V.  On the Motronic, the memory is
non-volatile and you can pull it simply by turning the ignition on.  If
you do this, and don't actually run the engine, it always signals 2111.

Different problem.  Check the connector in the engine bay.

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