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Re: USA Urq Oil Pressure Monitor

>Just an FYI, for those of you with an early urq (old style fuse box)
that have added the Coupe/4K style oil pressure sender, you can install 
a Coupe GT oil pressure control unit in the proper relay socket to 
enable this system.  That system ensures that oil pressure is above 
1.8bar when the rpms are over 2000 (i.e. a safety check).

Not sure I get this.  The coupe GT sender has two connections, one for 
the gauge and one for idiot switch, or so I thought.  I plumbed my dash 
light, and I assume warning right into the GT sender on its aux post and 
it has been functioning properly, displaying low/no pressure right after 
oil changes and the like, while the guage does its thing.

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