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Re: For Sale: '86 4000 quattro wagon

In a message dated 11/9/98, 6:56:09 PM, Rosso75@aol.com writes:
<<  Yeah, yeah, yeah......I know......it's really a VW Quantum Syncro wagon.
Same thing, different spelling.  Car is blue, blue cloth interior, 115k, 5
speed, runs good, looks good, $2600.  Car is located in Northern Va.  I may be
persuaded to deliver it to Boston or New York (city).  $2600
Bryan Carter>>

The Quantum Syncro IS NOT A 4000Q wagon the body/rear suspension are entierly
different.  The only similarities they share are the A/C system, Engine,
trans, rear Diff both of which carry different codes exclusive to the Syncro.