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Pre-purchase check QC

I have located a 1990 QC near Grantham, NH...

1) Any updates on what to look for (I have looked at the 20V page for their
list; looking for any additional info)

2) Anybody know of a shop/Qlist member to get it checked out; I have found
a place in White River Jct, VT (Northern Motorsports) that seems reputable,
looking for 1 hour, knew about the bomb and steering rack issues.

This will be my first quattro

BTW, asking $5500, second owner, has all service records from new, changed
tbelt at 100K.It is an   early model, no drivers bag, any special issues
with these, I see that it means it has the stainless header, is that an


Stuart Friedman 1993 100s FWD- 86K
		   1990 CQ (I Hope)