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Re: Parting out 90 Quattro Coupe

I neeed some parts from you right away.  My friend just crashed my coupe
and I need to fix it.  I neeeeeeeeeeed, left front fender,front bumper,
thingy under the bumper that protects the engine, possibly door, and how
new is your power steering ra
  Give me a quote for these parts
individually and as a whole.  Please help me out, I want to get my car
fixed before I drive it again.

Thanks, Scott
you can email me directly at serster@aol.com

On Tue, 10 Nov 1998, Anthony Curreri wrote:

> Parting out a 90 Q Coupe,perfect rust free/orig paint body ,excellent 
> engine with 149k,(recent t-belt) mint navy leather interior,straight
> wheels (but dirty) or first $3500 for whole car.Bad trans.( still runs
> and drives) Third owner with some receipts.
> Anthony
> (401)782-6909
> rs911@juno.com
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