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Re: tool sharing program

I would have a problem sending tools out to people that I have never met. I
have bought things over the internet, and sold things as well. In 5 years of
being on the internet and selling items I have only been burned once,
unfortunately it was on the Quattro list. At least I think I was burned I
ordered some parts and sent out a check it was deposited and then I never
received parts. this person has said that the parts were going to be shipped
and such but I never received confirmation. I written this off as a loss but
it really makes me weary of sending out parts and tools or money.
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From: Richard Beels <beels@technologist.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, November 10, 1998 11:36 AM
Subject: Re: tool sharing program

>Tool rental implies audifans.com, Inc. purchasing said tools to rent to
>list members.  Is this really what you want?  Another idea would be a "tool
>rental marketplace" page where listers can advertise their specialty tools
>for rent.  Renter provides own box and packing material, sends tool to
>rentee who returns tool (in same box/material with renter-stipulated
>insurance coverage) with payment and reimbursement for the outbound
>shipping.  This would cut you out of the middle.
>At 12:47 PM 11/10/1998 ,  Dan Simoes was inspired to say:
>>  Revisiting some old ideas and some new ones here, since the new
>>  server will be seeing light of day soon (hardware is on order
>>  and colocation space has been spoken for).
>>  I got to thinking about the GtechPro sharing that was going on,
>>  and I have an idea I'd like to develop.
>>  Since the new site (audifans.com) will be supported by advertising
>>  and perhaps donations, I'd like to organize a tool rental
>>  program.
>>  For a nominal contribution, you could have the use of a VAG1551,
>>  crany pulley tools, etc for the weekend.
>>  What do you think?  The parts should probably sit at a central
>>  location, with a known lister willing to "run" the program
>>  (this would also involve shipping the parts out and verifying
>>  that they are OK upon return).  If funds allow, there would be
>>  a small "salary" for this person.   Feel free to volunteer
>>  or nominate someone and explain why.
>>  This also brings up the idea of membership (most likely without
>>  a fee).  I don't relish the idea of sending $500+ of tools out to
>>  a stranger with a hotmail address.   We would probably have to
>>  establish an actual membership, in order to have valid info on
>>  the person, but this again involves human effort, and time I
>>  don't have.  Maybe for $20/yr or some pittance, you get a window
>>  decal, a membership number, free classifieds on the website
>>  (I know they are free now), a structured discount with vendors, etc.
>>  Other benefits would be available as I think of them.
>>  The other things like mailing list and website
>>  should remain free in order to grow.
>>  Talk amongst yourselves...
> Richard
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