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Re: tool sharing program

Richard has a point.  It sounds like a business to me.  Sounds kind of
legalistic also.  Although I love the idea of being able to use these tools
as needed the whole plan sounds kind of complicated.
Richard has an idea of audi owners renting their own tools.  However it
seems like a moot idea if say I have a VAG1551 I bought that is never around
for me to use.  I have no problem "sharing" my tools, but I would also like
to use them when I need them.  There needs to be a determined third party
that has tools available, just set up so it is not a business.  One more
thing, it seems to be that if listers are renting their own tools out, this
whole thing could become huge competition/business for who can buy and then
rent out the most tools.  I have always understood the list to be a place
where we can help, advise and share in knowlege and on occasion tools.  I
really don't want to feel like someone is always trying to pitch something
to me.  I for one would be willing to chip in a little money for the use of
a "mutual" group of tools owned by no one.

Just my .04 cents worth.


>Tool rental implies audifans.com, Inc. purchasing said tools to rent to
>list members.  Is this really what you want?  Another idea would be a "tool
>rental marketplace" page where listers can advertise their specialty tools
>for rent.  Renter provides own box and packing material, sends tool to
>rentee who returns tool (in same box/material with renter-stipulated
>insurance coverage) with payment and reimbursement for the outbound
>shipping.  This would cut you out of the middle.
>At 12:47 PM 11/10/1998 ,  Dan Simoes was inspired to say:
>>  Revisiting some old ideas and some new ones here, since the new
>>  server will be seeing light of day soon (hardware is on order
>>  and colocation space has been spoken for).
>>  I got to thinking about the GtechPro sharing that was going on,
>>  and I have an idea I'd like to develop.
>>  Since the new site (audifans.com) will be supported by advertising
>>  and perhaps donations, I'd like to organize a tool rental
>>  program.
>>  For a nominal contribution, you could have the use of a VAG1551,
>>  crany pulley tools, etc for the weekend.
>>  What do you think?  The parts should probably sit at a central 
>>  location, with a known lister willing to "run" the program
>>  (this would also involve shipping the parts out and verifying
>>  that they are OK upon return).  If funds allow, there would be
>>  a small "salary" for this person.   Feel free to volunteer
>>  or nominate someone and explain why.
>>  This also brings up the idea of membership (most likely without
>>  a fee).  I don't relish the idea of sending $500+ of tools out to
>>  a stranger with a hotmail address.   We would probably have to
>>  establish an actual membership, in order to have valid info on
>>  the person, but this again involves human effort, and time I
>>  don't have.  Maybe for $20/yr or some pittance, you get a window
>>  decal, a membership number, free classifieds on the website
>>  (I know they are free now), a structured discount with vendors, etc.  
>>  Other benefits would be available as I think of them.
>>  The other things like mailing list and website
>>  should remain free in order to grow.
>>  Talk amongst yourselves...
> Richard
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