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Re: Almost Reckless driving

To:   dans
***I actually pulled into the trooper barracks one day, fuming,
****and asked if there isn't a law that says traffic should keep
****right.  Upon hearing yes, I calmly asked if they might consider
****posting some signs, since it seems to be an unknown law...

I think that one of the best things about your "Special Proviso License"
(which we've
all fantasized about) is that the majority of drivers who think that they
are really good
would find out that they really aren't.  I learned that my first day on the
 track and have
spent the last two years trying to get better.  I think I _might_  pass
such a test, but I also
know that I wouldn't have three years ago if it was really tough.

I wonder how many people on this list would fail that "big test"
miserably...and pray tell, who would
set the standard?  NYPD, EMRA, COMSCC, PCA, Consumer Reports, SCCA, Drivers
 Against Mad Mothers?  :-)

Here's a thought.  If the Proviso license is Federal, do we let people from
 Los Angeles speed
in New Hampshire in January?

Maybe the worst thing is that the highways also carry people who are still
quite competant but
in their seventies like my parents.  Are they going to notice your special
proviso plate
coming up at 25mph when they move to change lanes?   Maybe when only
like yourselves get to drive only you will be taxed.  Yeah, that'll work.
Get over it folks, the highways
have to be shared and the public at large is a collective idiot.  Ask
anyone who works in

Paul Royal
90 90Q20v