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re: Aeroflot

>>On the contrast, the planes of the Russian Aeroflot are usually spotless
>>clean and in my opinion might overshadow even the British Airways.
>Former USSR was earning lot of hard currency through Aeroflot's
>international operations - hence the service provided is still very good.
>But, a friend of mine once took a domestic flight. He almost got a heart
>attack when he noted a gravered plate in the airplane:
>"This airplane was to be sent for scrapping, but has been rebuilt by
>Komsomol volunteers"

My father flew with them Moscow-Ulan Bator (cap. of Mongolia) and back;
besides 4 cm dia. rolls with 3 cm dia. salami as the only food,
he and his co-tourist noticed suddenly that they had been circling 
the airport for about an hour, and there were hammering noises
heard from below: the wheels were being hammered out of the retracted
position, where they were stuck...