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Re: Almost Reckless driving

On Tue, 10 Nov 1998, Dan Simoes wrote:

:|Happens here in NY too.  While I sit behind the moron and flash
:|him, other cars are weaving around me and passing on the right.
:|Of course, I'm the one who will then be pulled over for "agressive
:|driving" (yes, there is a van on the parkway looking for this
:|type of behavior)

	it's worse in california.  i was actually attacked for
	*properly* and at the correct distance flashing my 
	brights at a van.  he was in the fast lane (of four
	lanes) on a freeway where the average speed is 70+.
	he literally tried to run me off the road and attempted 
	to rear end me.  911 was unsympathetic.

:|I actually pulled into the trooper barracks one day, fuming, 
:|and asked if there isn't a law that says traffic should keep
:|right.  Upon hearing yes, I calmly asked if they might consider
:|posting some signs, since it seems to be an unknown law...

	they have signs in california.  they go completely unheeded.
	it sucks.

	i have been considering a thin panel of led lights in
	my back window.  just a strip of them, about 4 inches
	tall, not really visible until i hit the button.  they
	will spell out "slower traffic keep right".  dunno if
	i'll ever do it...

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