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Is my 5000S worth parting out?


I now have a 89 200TQ to replace my 5KQ (Thanks Bob).  Many thanks
to the people who pointed me toward to various Quattros.  

Now comes the time to figure out what to do with the wrecked 5000S.  :-( 
The insurance Co. wants around 1K for the wreck, is it worth
parting out myself?

There are some parts I might like for the 200TQ what bits are
compatible between the 5KQ and 200TQ?

I installed a set of hella H1/H4 headlights in the 5K via a set of
headlight buckets and trim from an 85.  Naturally I would like to fit
these to the 200TQ, has anyone done this?

I have a second set of wheels for my 5KQ Snows, will they fit at 200TQ?

The wrecked car details:

87 5000S Quattro, artic white with black/grey interior, sunroof,
allow wheels. 

Denver, CO car the last 4 years, PO in Arizona.

Minor damage to passenger side fender and bumper.  

Both headlights/markers are fine.  

Significant damage to rear with trunk and both rear quarters crumpled.

Engine is in very good shape, no leaks, oil burning etc.

Transmission is in good shape

Bomb replaced 10K ago.

Struts replaced 20K ago.

Steering rack is fine. 

Interior is in very good shape.

Tires are shot.

Peter Golledge