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Subject: Wipers on 97 - A6Q

Roy Lipner wrote:

I have had over the past year at least three sets of wipers.  Each time the

drivers side wiper continues to make the squeaking noise that we all hate

hearing.  I've tried  Rain-x and that seemed ok for a week or two. Anyone got

a better idea?

Roy:  I've got a '91 200q (a precursor to your A6).  The Bentley manual for my
car, section 92 of volume 3, says the following:
Wiper arm angle, adjusting
Windshield wiper blade chatter and skipping of blade across windshield can be
caused by incorrect wiper arm angle.
The incorrect wiper arm angle will not allow the wiper blade to flip and
follow the wiper arm.
It is most noticeable on the downward stroke of the wiper.
To adjust arm angle:
Insert slot of wiper arm adjusting tool US 9201 over wiper arm.
Bend wiper arm at A to obtain correct wiper arm angle.

Correct blade to windshield angle is 90 degrees.

Point A appears to be about 4/5 of the way up the arm from the base.  The tool
looks like it grabs the entire width of the arm, then bends it; you could
likely use vice grips.

Since your A6 is under warrantee, I'd check the angle of the blade to the
windshield, and see if it is off; if so, go in to the dealer, mention special
tool US 9201, and have them adjust the wiper arm.

Did you have the same problem with the first set of blades?  Possibly you're
using cheap blades; more likely, a monkey lad changed them for you and bent
the arm.

HTH, Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com