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RE: 4kq Speedo is off

> fast). Can someone tell me what speed I should be going at
> given engine
> speeds in 4th and 5th gear? I'm running 195/60/14's which I
> think is OEM

According to radar it is precisely 66mph at 3000 rpm with the US
transmission code ... measured twice with warnings only :-)

> Anyone have any suggestions to fix the two tabs that hold the
> instrument
> pod to the dash board? One was broken before I got involved,
> and now the
> other is cracked so the pod slides around. I was thinking of
> epoxying a
> washer to either side to help out...

Use a large aluninium washer, it needs to be bent into a saddle shape then
it will hold the remains of the tabs in place. For some reason my car came
with this fix when I bought it new  .... whether this was a factory fix or a
dealer installed option , I'm not sure.