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Re: Re: 4kqt conversion.

In a message dated 11/10/98, 9:37:12 PM, human@nh.ultranet.com writes:
<<If it helps, the brain out of the 80-83 5kt (same system as UrQ???) is
exactly the same P/N as the brain in my n/a 82 coupe which is the same
as (was from) an 81 5k, I think all the K-Jet systems use the same one? 
Just a theory.  But this would mean the wiring harness stays in place,
and you add a couple of things like overboost cutout (which my 5kt
didn;t have anyway, wheee! when that wastegate stuck!), boost gauge
paraphernalia, etc.

The only funciton of the "brains" In the earlier cars pre-84, is to adjust the
fuel mixture for emissons, in fact early rabbit brains and four cylinder 4000
brains carry the same part number as a 5000t!! The URQ brains are unique to
that car as the computer reads airtemp, boost, crank positions to calculate
the fuel and boost parameters, whereas the 5000T system is purely mechanical,
boost enrichment is controlled by the control pressure regulator.. So side by
side the URQ system is much more desirable to have compared to the 5000T, and
of course the MC setup with knock sensor is much more desirable than the URQ