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Re:VIN mystery

"Mr. Daniel P. Grady" <dgrady@mail2.nai.net> writes:

>they're the third company to tell me that I mis-read 
>my VIN. It begins  WAUD but they keep telling 

> The tag on the windshield, inside of front bumper, 
>and inside of rear fender all read WAUD. Each time it 
>Can anyone explain this? It is an
>'87 5000SQ, they tell me it is not quattro and list 
>it as "5000 custom".
>Weird is all I could come up with so far.

Are you sure no one has played musical chairs with
the documentation? If you don't want to find out 
anything that might cost you money or the car, it's
better to just let sleeping dogs lie. If you do 
ever get to the bottom of this, don't forget to
post it, inquiring minds want to know.

According to the theft recovery book, the "D" is
listed only for:

(1983) 4000 4dr Wagon (?)

(1989-92) 100Q 4dr

(1992-94) 90CS/100CS

(1995) 90 Sport

(1996-97) A4 V6


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