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Re: tool sharing program

"Bob Rossato" <bob.rossato@worldnet.att.net> writes:
>> Who would be responsible for damage to items?  The VAG1551 costs
>> over $1000 I think, if it gets fried by someone mistakenly hooking
>It's much worse than you think.  Try $4600.  
>Bob Rossato

Gee, THANKS for that bit of info, Bob.;O I had the
opportunity to buy one when the Peugeot dealer liquidated 
many moons ago.  The VAG1551 (why they had this is still 
beyond me) could have been bought for $800, which I 
thought was too expensive. I did pick up two large 
format fiche readers for nothing though...
not much of a consolation prize in retrospect.



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