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Subject: Re: Anyone changed from US to Euro lights on a V8

Frank Santoro wrote:
Eric- You do not say why you are changing lights. If it is to see better at
night, there is an easier way. Two years ago my son bought me a new set of
bulbs (high&low) for my 1990 V8. When I asked him why, he replied that it was
dangerous riding with me at night cause I always out drove my headlamps. I
still have the box they came in and will check if you are interested. He is a
Porsche owner/mechanic and said he ordered them from overseas. They work
Before you upgrade the bulbs, get out your multimeter and see what the voltage
is at the headlight connectors (while the engine is running, lights on).  If
you are not getting full voltage (13.5 volts), then you can improve the
lighting markedly with relays, bypassing the stock wiring.
>From Scott Mockry's excellent page on installing european headlights and
relayed wiring harnesses  (http://www.teleport.com/~scottmo/elec.html#euro) -
slightly modified...:
Hella published the following values for "Luminous Intensity" which point out
how critical it is to get full battery voltage to the headlamp bulbs. 100%
voltage is considered 13.5 Volts for the 12V system. Using relays can help
even the marginal stock headlamp performance by providing full battery voltage
to the light bulbs.

Operating Voltage==Luminous Intensity==Voltage

     100%                      100%                    13.5
       95%                       83%                    12.825
       90%                       67%                    12.15
       85%                       53%                    11.475

High Wattage 9004 bulbs are generally more trouble than they are worth, they
only last 4-6 months and they burn up the stock 9004 connectors unless you
beef up the wiring or purchase the high wattage 9004 connectors.  With relays
(full voltage supply) the high watt lights probably last better.  I don't know
if the V8 uses the 9004s; from what I've heard, stock V8 lights are really not
that bad, compared to most audi lights of that and earlier vintage.  Relay
harness links/instructions on my page, also.
HTH, Chris Miller, windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com