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Re: tool sharing program

In message <19981111.101310.-735763.1.Cobram@juno.com> cobram@juno.com (. .) writes:

> Gee, THANKS for that bit of info, Bob.;O I had the
> opportunity to buy one when the Peugeot dealer liquidated
> many moons ago.  The VAG1551 (why they had this is still
> beyond me) could have been bought for $800, which I
> thought was too expensive.

A VAG 1551 is not a VAG 1551.

You also need to get the various modules for various vehicles, etc.

You could probably configure one for a few thousand just to deal with
one model.  If you want to cover Audi's entire range, think $$$$$.

You would probably have got that $800 item home to find it had no
current capability.

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