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Re: Christian's back: the honeymoon report (some Audi

Probably no one commented on the Muir Wood name (origin) 'cause Chris
didn't actually make a claim about it.

On the other hand, I'm surprised Californians didn't correct Chris's
impression that "150 yr old redwoods" are something special. Redwoods have
been known to live 2000 yrs, so 150 year old redwoods in Muir Woods are
really babies--I recall the big ones there are probably 500 or more years
old. Maybe he meant to say 1500 yr old. It's a great destination to put on
the list while touring northern California (preferably in an Audi, but
anyway you can.)

Phil R.

>Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 08:05:37 -0700 (MST)
>From: Harry R Glesner III <hglesner@ast.lmco.com>
>Subject: Re: Christian's back: the honeymoon report (some Audi
>   I'm supprised that no one jumped on this one:
>> The next day, Rick Zehr took Breeze and I hiking through the beautiful Muir
>> Woods with it's 150 year old redwoods, obviously the russians named their
>> space station Mir after these woods since it is equally as dirty and old.
>>Mmmm, actually "Mir" is the Russian for "Peace", not "Dirt".
>>Keep in mind that the station was a home to several international crews,
>>including American, and we all know what kind of a mess Americans leave
>>behind themselves, don't we? (say in the cinemas, airplanes etc) :-)
>   That red wood forrest was named after the prototype naturalest named John
>Muir, that through the late 1800~1900 lead the movment to save some of this
>wonderful country for future generations, and not for the mall developers. We
>could use his spirit here in Colorado now. As Joni Mitchel once sung "they
>paradise and put up a parking lot".
>    He is also NOT the fellow that wrote the book "How to keep you VW
>alive, For
>the complete Idiot".
>Rick Glesner
>Littleton/Fraser Colorado
>'91 90q20v

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