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Re: Michelin TRX tires and Urq Fuchs

Hairy green toads from Mars made Jouko Haapanen say:

> Does anyone have any first-hand experience withTRX tires.  Michelin still
> makes them, but I wonder if any development has been done on the since the
> 80's?  BMW and Ferrari used them extensively, and Audi used the metric
> sizing on their rally cars.  I have the possibility of acquiring assorted
> sizes of Fuchs rims in TRX sizes, and wonder if the tires they sell are
> junk?  In my small head I'd assume they are approx on par with the old P7
> and P700 series tires.  ie. not the lates tech, but good performance tires.

A friend had them on his 535i with metric rims. He said they
were mediocre at best. That was 6 years ago, probably now they
are no comparison to good tires.


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