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Re: 90q Temp Guage

Most often it's the connector next to the thermostat housing.  At least
that's where it is on my NG engine - should be nearby on yours.  The
connector will more than likely be the same.  Basically, there's a rubber
boot to protect the sensor and it's shaped like an over-large finger.
Unfortunately, the open end points up.  The "finger" fills with moisture
and the connectors get corroded.  On the few 90s I've seen, they've all
been in bad shape.  I removed the entire boot on mine....

At 02:15 PM 11/11/1998 ,  Joel Landsverk was inspired to say:
>  The water temp guage in my '91 90q 20v works occassionally.
>  I was wondering if anyone has experience with this.  The heater works
>  in 'econ' and 'auto' modes.  All other guages work.  I guess this is
>  either the guage, sending unit or thermostat.  Any suggestions?

	88 90Q "Hannu" - K+N, new vac hoses, still 0.0 bar....
	88 Golf GTi - PRO Rally