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Re: Questions about my 4kq and 90S

Matt Daniels wrote:

> Now onto the '93 90S. About 2 weeks ago, while giving the 4k a jump, I
> noticed a ticking noise coming from the engine compartment. I'm pretty
> confident that it wasn't coming from the engine, but rather from something
> to the left of the engine. I didn't notice if the ticking incresed when I
> reved the engine, but it will be pretty easy to find out. Any thoughts?

Was it like a chatter, say several times a second? If by left you mean
the passenger's side of the car, it could be the evap. control valve.
Once the engine's warmed up, this valve starts cycling, usually at idle,
to allow the engine to draw fuel vapor from the carbon canister.

The valve is one of three vacuum valves which are located on the side of
the engine compartment, approximately below the MAF sensor.

I notice this on my car, particularly when the ambient temps. are lower...

1993 90CS 70k miles