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Re: A8 tires

Well, you still get snow/slush in CT, so you need a tire that is decent
in that stuff, right?
If so, I would recomend the Michelin Pilot XGT H4.  I'm not sure it is
available retail in that size yet, but the Tire Rack is advertising them
at $112/tire.  If it's not avail yet, the Pilot XGT V4 is $119/tire.  It
is important to get the "Pilot" versions of these tires, as the old
non-pilot vesions are a old design, nothing like the new ones.

Another good choice would be the Brigestone RE940 at $109/tire.
I would stay away from the Perelli P7000 SS in your case, as it is not
very good in winter weather.


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