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RE: Questions about interior LED? #2

QFOM is the quattro faq-o-matic run by Brett Dikeman.  The URL is:


I have found that one needs two items to open these swiches.  First, a
jewelers screw driver with which to pry the shell near the pins, and second
a set of shims (I use 0.010 nickel shim stock) cut to about 1/8 inch by 1
inch to block the internal plastic tangs from protruding into the outer
shell.  It is also necessary to pry off the lever control so one can see the
ends of the inner plastic assembly.  This is done by determining which side
of the pivot is tapered and capable of being angulated out first.  Once the
shims are in place, the inner assembly extensions below the lever are pushed
upon to start the guts out of the rear of the switch.



> Hi, all:
> I took out the whole control panel (sunroof switch, interior light 
> included), and I got a hard time to move and open the cover of the 
> sunroof switch away from the control panel in order to replace the 
> bulb/LED inside the switch. Would you please drop me some lines for how 
> to open the switch if you know?
> Is QFOM mean owner's mannul? I read the owner's mannul but it didn't 
> describe any method for opening switch? Thanks for helping me.
> Steven - '93 90CS Quattro
> Kirby wrote:
> 2)  You have to get the switch free from the panel to open on your
> workbench.  It should pop out of the panel once the panel is open and 
> the connector removed.  Use the methods described (I hope) in the QFOM 
> to open the switch.  Shim stock helps to get the switch cover free of 
> the tangs that hold it.   If you can't find the description, let me know 
> and I'll look for it, the swiches are fairly complicated and it takes a 
> while to figure them out from scratch
> Steven wrote:
> >> Hello, Kirby:
> I have a '93 90CS Quattro. I think that the interior switches 
> illumination is same as '88 90. My car's LEDs of sunroof switch, 
> driver's side switches and the rear mirror control switches not funtion 
> properlly.
> 2)And I opened the sunroof control panel but I did't see any clues to 
> replace the LED for the sunroof switch?