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Re: Golf IV Synchro/Quattro?

In Canada there is a 1999 Passat Syncro wagon.  We also had the Passat G60
Syncro in 1992 and of course the 86 thru 91 Syncro Vanagons.  State side
there was the Syncro Quantum.

But I agree, the Golf Country would have been a great seller.  My theory is
VW doesn't want to cut into Audi Quattro sales, but seeing how a lot of
Audi dealers got chopped in Canada, Syncro is coming back....

At 11:35 11/11/98 -0500, Andrew Duane USG wrote:
>Hairy green toads from Mars made Browning David say:
>> Since a new A4Q is quickly becoming more than I can afford, does anybody
>> know if the new Golf IV will be available in the US with quattro/synchro
>> what engine it might have?  Unfortunately, Audi is pricing themselves
out of
>> my market (or at least what I'm willing to afford.)  
>I waited YEARS for VW to bring any reasonable syncro models to
>the US. I wanted a Golf Country.
>Give it up. VW has no intention of bringing any/all of these
>over here, they would compete for the limited US market share.
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