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Stuck Crank Bolt. Synchronizers. Ugh!

My (good) mechanic spent 4 hours today, with a 3/4" impact gun trying to
remove the crank bolt on the sacred CQ. He said to me, on the phone,
"These have been tough to remove before. But I've never failed like
this. Get this damn car out of my garage."

Off to another mechanic. Anyone have any tips?

And I think the tranny bug has caught up to me. Shift is really rough
second to first with car moving. Replaced with redline about 4 months
ago. I'll check the level tomorrow. But...
Are these the signs of a dying synchronizer?
Is there anything I can do?
How much was a gearbox rebuild?
A new gearbox?
Will AofA cut any cashoff of a replacement for a car with 70,000 miles?
Was that last question REALLY stupid?

Ted Harlan
90 CQ
86 5000S
88 944