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Re: can you do this?

aescob05@fiu.edu writes:
> I have a wrecked coupe gt at home.  I presently drive a 4ks 1.8.  I have a
> chance to buy a coupe gt with a good body, but it has an auto tranny.  I
> want to know if it's possible to put the engine and tranny from my wrecked
> coupe onto the body of the "good" coupe. I think the engine mounts the
> same way, but am not sure if the tranny will fit fine.

It would probably fit fine, if you transplant *everything*, including the
trans mounts, shift linkages, shift box, center console, pedal cluster,
clutch hydraulics, etc, etc...

> Would anyone also
> know if the auto tranny from the coupe will mate up with the 4k 1.8 4 cyl?

No.  The 5-cylinder tranny won't fit the 4-cylinder engine.

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