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Re: Headlights

I know this sounds blasphemous, but I was looking for an inexpensive way 
to upgrade the quad lights on my 16V Scirocco. The quad light look is 
not the best in my opinion, so H1/H4 were not in the formula.

Cruising through the salvage yard I spotted (of all things) some late 
80's Chevy Celebrity sedans and wagons. Earlier versions had quad 
lights, later versions had neat updated aerodymic pieces fitted in the 
old quad lights position. They pretty much appear as an aerodynamic 
quadlight with 2 bulbs/refelctors per side. Closer inspection revealed 
they are made by Bosch of Germany! Yahoo, not so blasphemous afterall, 

They fit nicely, a few minor brackets for a solid support. Have yet to 
test the lighting output though... sooo this may be a waste of time.



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