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Re: Away for the Winter

Richard Haroutunian wrote:

> List:
> Anyone know the 'correct' procedure for putting a car away for the winter?

1)Fresh oil change.

2)Full tank of gas, some might suggest some "Stabil".

3)Check coolant protection level, should be able to withstand subzero temps.

4)If you have 120volt outlet available, purchase a GOOD quality trickle
charger and hook it up to the battery. The alternative is to just disconnect
the battery, shouldn't be a problem with a 1982 vehicle. The trickle charger
is actually the BEST method, as the battery will then keep a full charge and
you won't have to worry about it freezing.

5)Some may suggest putting the car up on blocks, that is outdated advice. That
was only necessary with old bias ply tires, VERY unneccessary with radial

6)Wash and wax. Cover vehile with something that will keep the dust off, but
not scratch the paint.

7)I would recommend putting moth balls in strategic places under the hood,
especially near the air intake for the heater. My mother drives her car almost
daily, and we still found a mouse nest on top of the engine. Maybe even put
some mouse poison packets on the floor just inside of each tire.

8)There is a new product out called "Febreze", this is a deodorizer that you
just spray onto fabrics and let dry. I've used it in my car and liked the
results. It couldn't hurt to do your car just before storing it.


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