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S4 For Sale

I regretfully announce that I'm putting my S4 up for sale.  I don't want to
part with the car but finances and local shops inability to cooperate force
me to sell.  The details...

1994 S4
Red with Black leather, Roof, Cellular Telephone, Bose System with Cd
34,000 Miles (this is not a misprint)
Best offer over $20,500

I would like to thank everyone on this list, with a special mention to Phil
who has been very helpful to me, thank you.  This is an invaluable resource,
the Audi dealer network should look at this type of ideas exchange, they
desperately need it more than ever.  I know I will regret this...

Thank you, 

Gerry Engstrom 
GAEngstrom@taylorcorp.com <mailto:GAEngstrom@taylorcorp.com> 
Telephone: 518.765.9026