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RE: Re:One for the records books

According to this site, my car was NOT a lemon (past tense).  

So, I've got that going for me...

However, the VIN did pull "6 records" which of course I could access for the
amazingly low price of 19.95.  I'm guessing these are smog tests and
registration.  Anyone have experience here?

Derek Daily
90 CQ #227
86.5 VW qsw

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> From:	G. W. Hajny [SMTP:gwhajny@SINFO.NET]
> I just found an excellent web page for everyone to use to check on the
> history of their cars or one they are thinking of buying.
> http://www.carfax.com/cgibin/kbb2
> You can find out if your car was listed as a lemon.