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In message <19981112180835.27647.rocketmail@send1e.yahoomail.com> Frog Foot writes:

> then driving away I found that a sensor that was located directly
> below the hose that blew up was squirting out oil, This sensor
> (unknown name) is located directly on the block and is one of two in
> the same general location (this is the 5 cyl model of course)

If you're referring to the 'left side' as seen from the driver's
seat and the direction of travel - there are two similar _water_ senders
in the general area of that hose, one below and one slightly in front
of the hose connection.

The oil pressure sender is on the same side, but quite a way further
down.  In the UK, it's sometimes called the 'jampot' because of its

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