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Audi 5000s Turbo Sensor Broke (new subject)

> If you're referring to the 'left side' as seen from the driver's
> seat and the direction of travel - there are two similar _water_
> in the general area of that hose, one below and one slightly in front
> of the hose connection.

Hmm, the two sensors/senders or what not  are located below the hoses
I belive and one besides the LARGE intake or output from the radiator

> The oil pressure sender is on the same side, but quite a way further
> down.  In the UK, it's sometimes called the 'jampot' because of its
> shape.

This particular sensor is the TOP of the two sensors, the one located
"higher" then the one you are noting to be the oil pressure "jampot"
heh.. but I'm not sure... 

I know there are two here tho.. are you familar with each sensor, and
what they do? .. 

(and where I can get them?) I'm kinda in a jam right now. 


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