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Re: Air tank? (no Audi content)

	around here i would go to praxair.  they used to be 
	called altair.  though last time i bought from them, 
	a 20lb. tank spec'd and equipped to hold nitrous was
	$60.  for a little more you could get a cheapie 
	compressor at costco, also there's those little 
	black & decker ones that run off of your lighter.

	anyway, looked up praxair in bigbook.com, and these
	are the headings it falls under, which should be
	good places to look in your local phone book (or
	using bigbook yourself ;)

     Gas-Indstrl/Medical-Cylinder & Bulk (Wholesale) (1) 
     Gas-Industry & Medical-Cylinder & Bulk-Manufacturers (1) 
     Oxygen (Wholesale) (1) 
     Welding Equipment & Supplies-Manufacturers 

On Thu, 12 Nov 1998, Chris Newbold wrote:

:|Does any one know where I could find something like a 10 gallon air tank?
:|Just a simple tank, with pressure gauge, hose, and fitting. I'm getting
:|sick of stopping at gas stations every time I want to top off my tires, yet
:|I have no desire to get a compressor...
:|1993 90CS 70k miles

 rocky mullin
 '83 ur-q - yamaha rz350 - suzuki ts250 -  chaotic good
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